July 16, 2024

Why Nitasha Kaul Detained – Modi Régime Must Answer Its Human Rights Abuse

Voice of People Nitasha Kaul

Nitasha Kaul Indian origin professor of Politics from United Kingdom – a Person of Indian Origin (PIO) card holder was detained at Bengaluru International Airport for 24 hrs. without any reasons by Indian Airport officials and that too without any official reasons expressed by government officials till date .

During the interview with Indian journalist Karan Thapar on The Wire she stated the conditions which clearly shows abuse of human rights under Modi govt .:

1. She was detained for 24 hrs with no reasons.

2. Left alone in custody in unhygienic (toilet) conditions.

3. Deprived from basic food & water for hours.

4. Security officials at custody vaguely/ verbally telling her that It was order from Delhi to detain her.

5. Her health conditions & past surgery was neglected.

6. No sleeping arrangements were provided for 24 hrs  detention to this solo women traveller.

7. In fact she was carrying all valid travel documents.

8. Was felt torchered as a criminal

Though, till date there is no formal valid explanation given to this young lady Indian origin professor by Modi. government authorities for her 24 hrs detention, which is her legal right, but as per media reports, unnamed officials have stated that this may be the following reasons :

1. She referred Jammu & Kashmir as Indian Administered Kashmir.

2. Criticized Policy of Modi government.

3. Opposed RSS and Ram Madhav -the political affiliates of ruling BJP Modi government, on public platforms.

So Finally we speak , that no individual can be denied of legal human rights by any state or government on her being critical of any government, any head of the state or their policies.

Henceforth in nutshell we can say that the lady professor from England was manhandled & torchered by Modi government officials for 24 hrs in solitary confinement, it is an absolute inhuman example of human rights violations and now it’s the legal state duty to provide the valid rational reasons to the victim and in open global media for this gross misconduct with this young Indian lady.

Robert Pattinson

News Desk Volunteer (London city )

Voice of the People International