February 23, 2024

The Death Floods ~ Stop Debate, Now Compensate!

Millions left without healthcare access in aftermath of Pakistan floods: WHO

After reading the above statement made by World Health Organization, we hope you can understand the depth of the problem that people are facing in Pakistan. The geographical area equivalent to entire United Kingdom is under water in Pakistan. Today not only Pakistan but countries namely Trinidad, Ghana, Chad, Thailand, India, Indonesia are also badly affected by deadly floods. The major cause of this floods is Climate change caused by the economic & production activities done by developed countries of the world. Therefore it’s the moral duty of the developed economies to compensate this flood affected countries in the ratio as per their GDP. Only then justice will prevail otherwise bogus debates on news televisions won’t serve any help to the child & poor families drowning in this devastated floods.

Aatik Ahmed

News Volunteer

Islamabad, Pakistan

for Voice of the People International