July 16, 2024

Terms of Use


1. Your donation is voluntary in nature.

2. You may/ may not claim tax exemptions for the donations you make. Please check the applicable tax rules in your country/state.

3. Donations made are not refundable.

4. We are not responsible for followings

A. Whatever small data~{your name, email, location) we store with us for ease of functionality is fully secured but data breach outside of our servers & systems or breach from your systems, as internet globe is out of our area of control.

B. Payments systems are secured at our Donate Us payments page. Any other physical stalking or internet related hacking from your systems is out of our preview.


Donations are voluntarily charitable in nature, Anyone cannot expect goods or services in return of the donations made.

Donations made are non refundable.

Any donation payments made if stuck in the payments gateway & not received by us but showing debited or deducted from your side will be returned directly to the account used for payments within 24 hrs to 3 days from the date/time of transaction. 


1. Volunteer/Reporter Card is the Authorized Property of Voice of People International Org.

2. At any point on time Voice of People International can exercise full Ownership Rights on this card & can Cancel Volunteer Reporter Membership before the Date of Expiry & Renewel Date.

3. Renewel of this Card/ Volunteer Reporter Membership is at the sole discretion of the Voice of People.

4. Payments received for the Card is treated as Card Fee Donation & no Goods or Services are delivered against it.

5. Donations received are non-refundable & can or can-not avail tax exemptions depends upon your Country/State/Jurisdiction Laws.

6. Usage of this Reporter Volunteer Card is solely for the purpose of Civil Rights & Journalism. (P.S: For News publication puposes only (viz. Print & TV) States/Govts. has enacted guidelines, licencing to control News/Media but State/Govt. can not restrict/control Civilians/Citizens to exercise their Civilian Rights/Journalism to gather Informations & share it on any Media Platforms whatsoever for the informations/benefits of society at large, unless/until it’s not prohibited by law)

7. Date of Expiry means termination of Membership, until & unless its renewed by the Volunteer.

8. Card Fee Donations/Renewels for the card can change,solely at the discretion of Voice of The People Org.