April 14, 2024

Russia-Ukraine War – Millenia Hypocrisy by NATO & US !

credit Associated press

Russia Ukraine War is cause of NATO’s global politics to disturb Russia and in this Zelenesky is acting as an agent to NATO. It is the NATO and Zelenesky who has the blood stained hands of the common people for vandetta politics under the cover. The people killedin in war from Ukraine side is clearly because of the NATO that has for many years lured the Ukraine to give seat in NATO members countries but never gave and infact used Ukraine to built pressure on Russia. Before the beginning of the war too US media made an enviornment that Ukraine will be given a seat in NATO, but that was also a political tactis to harrash Russia. Now as after this tactis when war broke off between Ukraine and Russia president Zeleneskyy was funded with finance & weapons to fight Russia using common man of Ukraine who has no training to fight war and thus it caused thousands of killings. Henceforth its complete #HumanRights abuse by the president of Ukraine to illegally preassure common citizens of Ukraine to fight war for the benefit of NATO & US and US backed media is not leaving any stone unturned to portrait Ukraine Russia War as a fight of survival of Ukraine. Thats why we call it a hypocrisy of millenia!