December 6, 2023

Rs. 11500 Crore Nirav Modi PnbScam – ‘Halwa he kya’

Punjab National Bank Rs. 11000 cr scam by fugitive gujarati diamond trader Nirav Modi – A family relative of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s favourite blue eyed businessman -Reliance Group Chairman Mukesh Ambani, who fled vanished from India just before investigative agencies as CBI wanted to catch him, do you think Nirav Modi has power to see his future and escaped India? If not, then who informed him to escape before agencies could catch him? Thats the real question.

Again Rs.11500 cr. scam was going on inside a branch of PNB for many years and that too with the help of lower grade officer and Computer operator and nothing came to the eyes of Internal Audit, Senior Management for so many years. Is it possible?

Dont the people of India think whose hard earned money is stolen by this fugitive Nirav Modi & the points mentioned above makes sense? then why till today no person from senior management from PNB is caught and investigated by central agencies? Why there is no CBI investigation that who is informer of Nirav Modi who informed & leaked CBI actions before time?

Don’t Modi government think people are not foolish to understand this simple things & Political connections?

CBI directly comes under PMO & links of Nirav Modi via Mukesh Ambani can be linked easily, then there is no apprehension to say that both PMO & PM Modi both comes under scanner in public eyes. But the larger point is how will PMO CBI investigate itself?

Any ways, but this time too government is missing actions on this fugitives #NiravModi #MehulChoksi (so called Mehul bhai of Modi) & BJP EX~MP #vijayMallya but by this Modi Govt. is making fool of itself before #2024GeneralElections before public for sure & it will get reflected in 2024 verdict that may result in 225~230 seats for NDA. If this happens then belive us opposition parties will be in the position to form joint government in India.

  • Yash Singh