February 23, 2024

Railways~ The best ways!

Railways is the best mode of transportation because of the following factors
Its clean for environment.
Cheap mode of transportation
Economical in all ways
Enhances tourism & economy
Pocket friendly for all people
Because of the above reasons internationally all governments should open and connect their railways to form international railways connection. This will not only accelerate international economy after covid economic crisis but will also bring down cost of transportation & environmental pollution in Sea & Air.
Railways has capacity to move hundreds & thousands of people in pocket friendly cost which Airways can never compare with.
We clearly understand that various corporates & groups having interest in the aviation & oil sector are stopping this benefits to common men to move international destinations and this groups are also creating hurdles for the political decion makers to open national boundaries to connect international railways. In result this is also stopping the flow of economy, tourism, soft powers, which is required to benefit global economy.
Henceforth governments globally should connect railways by keeping aside their political differences to accelerate global economy & benefit state & people from it.
Yash Singh
Geo-political Think tanks
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