December 5, 2023

Modi Régime – Indian Media under threat!

Just before Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi came to power in 2024, in the year 2013 Mukesh Ambani known to be the most favorite industrialist of Modi started to acquire media houses in India. Though it was out of the way of business for Ambani, but no one took it much seriously. But at that time who knows that this Corporate head was making a way for then Chief Minister of Gujrat Modi to the top position of Prime Minister of India. Anyways Modi fought election for the position of Prime Minister, sold dreamy ideas to the youth & people of India with backing from friendly corporates like Reliance owned by Mr. Mukesh Ambani & won the election. Now today from 2014 everything im India mainstream TV/Print media has changed. Today 70% of the Indian mainstreaming media is owned by Ambani. Other 25% of mainstream media though not owned by Ambani is all together jointly known as the Godi Media (or media not free & praising the modi govt.). & rest 5% of the Print & Television mainstream as NDTV was working as free media & asking questions to the ruling government was continuously under threat by the modi govt. Finally now another favorite businessman of Modi govt. Mr. Adani the owner of the Adani Group snatched majority of the control of NDTV from the back doors by acquiring stake in NDTV. As this stake acquisition in NDTV by Adani group is seen as a hard strike of ruling political masters on free & fair media in India, it also finally proved that true media is on the verge of death under Modi Régime. To restore democracy in India, now its job of the international foreign media houses to act & as well its duty of the citizens of India & globe to fund media that aims to restore democracy & freedom of media in India & Globally.

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  • Yash Singh
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