April 14, 2024


We have seen in the recent past, Modi led Union govt. in India at centre is using ED- Enforcement Directorate- non-stop to dismantle governments in states governed by opposition political parties. In this context using ED against TMC party politicians of Mamata Banerjee in West Bengalis not a new game. We have already watched ED questioning Abhishek Banerjee – top leader of TMC govt., in the past too before assembly elections in West Bengal many senior leaders were tortured by ED under directions from Modi govt. after which those many senior leaders joined BJP after which ED raids were stopped on them. But now again as after Mamata Banerjee reclaimed government in West Bengal with strong vote margins, again ED raids are started by BJP led central govt.

At present Partha Chatterjee senior minister in TMC led West Bengal govt. and his friends and associates are continuously raided and questioned by ED and its said as per media and ED reports that millions of Indian currency notes, gold is recovered by ED. Though TMC party claims that ED has planted this cash and gold in the houses of the associates of politician Partha Chatterjee, its matter of investigations under justice systems in India.

But it wont be wrong to say that BJP led central government is mis-using central agencies like ED to weaken the opposition political parties in India and its indirectly weakning the pillars of largest democracy of the world- India !