April 14, 2024

#Covid-Lockdown- The mirror of global political corruption !

Thanks to Covid-Lockdown’ may seems inhuman word but when its acting as a mirror of global political corruption, then whats the harm in thanking. Total Human population globally is 7.8 Bn. but today a fact is realised that even 1% of the global population cant be supported by governmental medical facilities worldwide. This one percent may seems big number but when entire 100 percent number is 100 times bigger too and if governments governing this cent percent world population cant take care of just 1% then thre is a BIG BIG Q mark on their political management and its proved today in black and white either we accept it or not.This is the harsh reality which common people is facing with their life and deaths. When Corona Virus has no power to effect everyones life, it will not effect even 1% of the world population then why governments and politicians globally are jumping to lockdown? Answer is,they seems less interested in saving lives, if that would have been the case then atlest globally governments would have done some efferts in the past atleast would have built medical infrastructure that can support 1% of the people.

PPE shortages are forcing some doctors to use raincoats and motorbike helmets

Actually by lockdown the present pity state of medical infra wont be challanged and thus they would be able to wrap their faults/corruption which they have done till today. The big wars, nukes,hi-life enjoyed by politicians are way more costly then building a bare medical support for the common men, which they neglected. Today all reality is infront of you- hide it or live with it- but thats the harsh reality. Yes one more thing medical facility may seems a big word, forget it, this global politicians / governments are unable to provide with PPE Personal Protective Equipments to doctors and medical staff fighting Covid for the world. Dont feel shame make this governments and politicians feel shame.