July 16, 2024

Lebanon Downfall: Citizens Responsible!

Lebanon was burning from last five years from political & financial instability and finally now it’s economy has turned into ashes. Who is responsible? Politicians or Citizens? We think it’s citizens. Reasons, being its citizens has been reluctant to raise their voices against political corruptions. Some agitation if sometime was visible, it was not of the common men, whereas it was from the politically active mobs supporting their own political masters, but not the common men’s agenda. Secondly Lebanese people themselves supported the ideas of communal differences in society, to divide society into three political divisions ~ Shias, Sunnis & Christians. By doing so they completely ignored the parameters of Secularism & Democracy and to select political candidates on the basis of their capabilities, rather they supported political candidates on their religions. This fired communal anonymity, corruption & nepotism. Resulted into complete downfall as Lebanon was not in the hands of capable people but in the hands of nepokids backed by corrupt wealthy people & politicians having external financial support from foreign powers viz. Saudi Arabia for Sunnis, Iran for Shias, US Israel for Christians/Jews.

Finally, still its time for Lebanese people to bring secular thoughts in society & select political candidates on capabilities,, or else Labanon will vanish from world map if people continue to group & fight on communal agendas created by corrupt politicians.