February 23, 2024

Growing Human Trafficking & Women Rights abuse in Middle East !

Its a matter of great concern that after Middle East crisis that started from ISIS conflict from 2012 growing human rights abuse and trafficking is at alarmed rate. Though Women rights have never been in good level in Middle East countries, now this rising women trafficking is clearly visible. Countries like Iran, Iraq, Syria, Labenon are showing high rise in exploiting young women by pimping syndicates. Young and poor girls in need of financial & personal support are trafficked by luring them and are then raped, tortoured, sold for sex. In fact corrupt local police and administration are also guarding this mishappenings in this countries. Many girls are also exported to nearby rich countries like UAE, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia , Turkey, to rich and politically savvy people and crime syndicates. Today in social media too this informations are more and more coming up day by day and thus important for news and media community to keep eye on this danger on women rights abuse in middle east.

Related video courtesy: Aljazeera