February 23, 2024

Good time to slap North Korea!

Japan & its allies South Korea & United States not dealing properly with Kim Jong Un- The North Koreaan dictator. Now as North Korea fired ballistic missile over Japan, it’s good time for Japan & it’s  democratic allies to slap North Korean dictator by launching missile in North Korean water territories. Why we say that is because Russia & China both so called parents of North Korea are weak today financially, economically, politically. Now as Putin is fighting war with Ukraine is busy & weak & on the other hand China or Xi Xingpin is facing a deep political turmoil inside CCP & as well its economic slowdown is also giving tougher time to China. Therefore none of the North Korean supporters vuz. China & Russia are in the better state to stand up with Kim Jong Un. Dictators need to be dealt with strong hands to strengthen Democracy around the world.

Yash Singh

Geo-political Editor

Voice of the People International

Tweets @YashSinghINC