February 23, 2024

Farmers Protest to Public Protest

Last time we mentioned that ModiGovt won’t scrap New Farm Policy favoring crony capitalists. Yes, we were right, Modi govt didn’t scrapped it but rolled it back for future date. Reason were Uttar Pradesh election in which BJP was fearing loss in elections due to farmers protests. So after rolling back new farms bill BJP accelerated its media campaigns in UP, farmers were also feeling positive that in future date Modi govt. will accept the demand of farmers hence BJP didn’t got any friction from farmers and people supporting farmers protests. All in all BJP won election & Yogi Aditya Nath formed government in Uttar Pradesh.

Now till date Modi govt. not only forgot its promise to farmers to form new Farmers Bill as per farmers demand but also seems created friction into farmers unity separating few of the farmers unions from Sanyukt Kisan Morcha – the All India farmers union body jointly protesting against New Farms bill ~ popularly known as ‘Kala Bill’ (black bills).

Tough farmers Unions have very solid non political people base in India being India is one of the biggest farming economy of the world. The bonding in people in rural areas in entire India is very strong, having biggest informal people support may be biggest in the world not interpreted till date compared to any political parties globally & importantly it has mind blowing support from urban areas in India including international support & reach.

In short we feel Modi govt. being majorly backed by capitalists won’t frame new farms bills as per farmers demands as it won’t profit crony capitalists,, farmers agitation will rise this time more more strongly nationally & Modi govt. will collapse because of it and many other factors, in 2024 General elections in #India.

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It has been been more than 22 days, Indian Public along with farmers are protesting at all the borders of national capital New Delhi. Prior to this farmers have already been protesting in the states of Punjab, Haryana, parts of Uttar Pradesh from last 3 months against new farms bill 2020 introduced by Modi government during Covid lockdown.
Farmers are saying
1. Industrial houses – Adani & Ambani are backed by Modi government.
2. That’s the reason they had the knowledge of the details of the farm bills that it will legitimize Hoarding & from 2017 they are working and now they have already setup gigantic storage facilities in Haryana even before introductions of farm bills in 2020.
3. This bill do not guarantee the Minimum Selling Price #MSP of produce and farmers are asked directly to negotiate with corporates. Farmers says after gigantic hoarding at normal prices this corporates will not only BUY CHEAP by bargain with farmers much below MSP but will also SELL DEAR to the end consumers.
4. In the event of any disputes farmers will be at the mercy of SDM Senior District Megistrate, because as per farmers bill farmers cannot go to courts in disputes. Farmers are of impression when courts today are showing favouritism to government & corporates, which SDM position can give justice to poor farmers?
5. Why government has drafted this anti – farmers bill without consulting farmers (a main stakeholders in bill), opposition political parties, Joint Parliamentary committee (as bills has to be discussed in joint committee consisting of members of parliament of different political parties representing public).
6. Why this bill was in emergency passed by VOICE VOTES when due to Covid MPs from many other political parties were not present in the House ? What was the emergency??
7. How Central government can frame farms bill when it comes under jurisdiction of States?

Hence at the beginning farmers were protesting to guarantee MSP, to bring Courts in the event of disputes but as Central government stood hard & even used police force on peaceful protests, now farmers are demanding scrapping entire farmers bill.

Though after use of force by Modi government & after Global agitation in support of farmers, Modi government showed interest to support MSP & bring Courts jurisdiction but in vain because till date government have not drafted this assurance in the farms bills.
Therefore farmers are of stand that Modi government is not interested legally to draft the bills which it has assured in its interest letters hence its high time to rollback this Anti Farmers Bill.

Presently this matter have entered the Supreme Court of India & here its going to be discussed by the collective team of Jurists & senior politicos, Social Thinkers,, team is yet to be made.

But most sad part of this protests & chilly winters- have witnessed deaths of 22 lives till date.

We can say Governments are framed for the welfare of people but its dark side of governments when even life of people do not matter to this power hungry machines working 360* to benefit corporates.

Conclusion : We think Modi government won’t scrap farm bill 2020, nor it will be in a position to enforce it as best of the lawyers jurists are standing to debate in support of farmers in Supreme Court as well local, national, global voices are supporting public & farmers to scrap farm bill. Henceforth it will go in a deep fridge as of now in near future and may be Modi & team will use it to get votes by legalizing it as per farmers demand in 2024.
It’s been our notice from 2014 till date of this Modi government, it has crumbled the 11% Indian GDP Growth rate to 2%, now Negative thanks to Covid outcome.
Nationalistic idea of this government have also not won rationally as Indian neighbours China, Pakistan & non speakers as Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh are also showing thumbs down.
Banks, NBFCs, big corporates are going bankruptcy. Communal violence rising, trade & commerce shattered, though Kashmir made Union Territory but it is of no benefit in reviving national growth and terrorist activities have not fallen. Demonetization have not yield any repercussions on black money and corruption. GST Goods & Services Tax have adversely affected Small & Medium Enterprises. Highest numbers of financial frauds witnessed affecting billions of dollar loss to India fraudsters yet to be brought to justice nor it seems to be happening. The only music of crazy Nationalism, Hinduism is chanting by so called BJP IT Cell & mind washing general public having nationalistic ideas but not understanding deep dark politics which is only benefitting only 2 or few dear corporates. Hope public to come out of this hangover and see the real accident already happened after 2014.
May be slowly but 1 by 1 people who are directly affected are getting out of this hangover, better late than never.

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