April 14, 2024

Exit Nato – France!


Thousands of protestors in Paris gathered to demand France exit from NATO (US led military coalition). By becoming part of the NATO Alliance, a country gets joint military support from its allies countries in case of war. But being a NATO alliance member, that member nation also has to incur 3% amount of its national GDP in defence expenditure, which becomes a huge amount for a nation, especially now-in the time of economic downturn after Covid-19 pandemic. Therefore French protestors are of the idea that:

1. France becoming part of this alliance is unnecessarily incurring huge amount in defence when country is going through economic crisis.

2. Secondly, France has taken unnecessary enmity with Russia by being part of the NATO as today NATO is supporting Ukraine through finance aid & militarily in Russia-Ukraine War & because of this Russia has slowed its gas supply to France & EU countries supporting Ukraine. Resultantly there is sore in energy prices in France & low gas supply. Protestors are also cautious of  the future problems by energy crisis in the nearby coming winter.

3. Plus, protestors also view that defence expenditure – huge amount used from the tax payers money can be utilized in other better avenues to reduce inflation & enhance social betterment in the country.

Conclusion: Protestors seems perfectly OK & their demands are justified but corrupt politicians as we know makes handsome commissions in defence deals, will neglect the justified demands of people & will continue to misuse people’s money for personal benefits. That’s the hardcore truth!

for VOP Global

Paul Baker

News Volunteer

Paris , Fr.