February 23, 2024

Srilankan Crisis – Result of corrupt politics !

Yes its well known fact that political parties running governments in any country gets accounted & unaccounted funds and political donations from the corporates, foreign governments and ngo’s in exchange of getting favours (to do businesses and getting defence procurement orders from those countries). Srilanka is also not new to it. The Rajapaksha family that controlled Srilankan government if the near past have enjoyed all this financial favors from corporates and foreign states. Its because of the greed of this Rajapaksha family, Srilankan government passed all those orders that benefitted this family, by leaving and neglecting the concerns of common men in Srilanka.

Biggest example of this political corruption is of allowing Chinese money in Srilanka as it was well understood that Chinese money and projects were meant to effect Srilankan economy negativly. But still Rajapaksha family allowed it as they were getting good favours from the Chinese counterparts. Moreover political leadership have never worked seriously to benefit country or lets say they used Srilanka for their personal benefits wether in internal or external decisions of country. That has now resulted in Bubble Burst and today common people of Srilanka are facing day to day problems wherein Rajapaksha family escaped the country by putting their unaccounted billions of dollars in financial tax heavens of the globe.

In the Srilankan crisis double standards of the foreign governments is also visible. Till the time the crisis didnt eroupted all those governments were using Srilankan economy and land via Rajapaksha family. But as the crisis evolved they weighted Srilanka for their future benefits and when they concluded that Srilanka is of no benefit to them in near future they including decision makers at the global aid institutions like IMF , World Bank – all neglected Srilanka. Point to be noted that this international community put financial aid to the present crisis of Pakistan because they weighted Pakistan more important in geo=politics compared to Srilanka. And that’s the sad irony of todays geo-politics and ruling political parties of a nation.