July 16, 2024

#NATO – The only way forward to establish #peace in #Asia !

Yes that’s the only way to restore longterm peace in Asia. No one is envy of economic financial military growth of China. But no one seems happy with the unsolicited behaviour of China whether its South China Sea incidents by China, Economic overpowering by China on poor & small nations, incidents of disrupting peace with neighbouring countries like India, Taiwan, South East Asia,, & playing double standard policies in UN.
Last but not the least is the latest Bio threat from China the Coronavirus Covid-19 that has created pandemic & brought to the world standstill, devasted global human life & economy. Any level of penalty will be less if it is to be yet imposed on Communist Party of China by global community. There has to be no confusion that SARS_CoV2 is an artificial man made virus in lab. as it has already proved its un-natural properties. Having said that this pandemic has also proved the mis-managed governments around the world by idiotic politcal people that how they run the government’s where 1% of global population can’t be taken care of,, plus World Health Organization the useless org. on which millions of dollars global community expense but the output is zero. WHO along with governments have only enjoyed the lavish life on the cost of common citizens & its a proof in open day light in Coronavirus pandemic.

Let’s concentrate on our topic on Asia &
henceforth it will be better for the nations like India, Japan, Australia & few other SE Asian nations to form an Asian NATO branch to cool down the mind of newly rich Chinese Communist government.

Author Yash Singh
Global Editor
Voice of the People International
Twitter: YashSinghINC