July 16, 2024

MonkeyPox~Abstain Eating Meat or Face Curse of Nature !

Human has a bad habit of killing and eating animals. They do not understand that Meat eating was a pre-historic age requirement when human used to live in woods and jungles and was unaware of cultivation and agricultural practices. But now in 21st century human have abundance of technical expertise in agriculture, they do not require to kill and eat animals. But sad part is that today also human is continuing the same old pre-historic bad habit of eating meat.

Secondly today Cultured Meat is also available which is produced in labs. without harming/ killing animals and its completly higenic and good in taste. This cultured meat should be given more prominence by governments by providing financial assistance to the corporates producing and marketing it. But sad part is that political class has not much knowledge and interest to understand this new type of cultured meat which is nature friendly, animal friendly and most important is that it do not spread Zoonotic dieseases as Covid or MonkeyPox.

We understand Zoonotic dieseases viz. Covid or Monkeypox – as a curse of nature, as we humans kill animals- the beautiful creation of nature, to unnecesserliy feed humans when its not required today in modern age, when we have multiple choices of foods including cultured meat.

We hope human will be real human with compassion for animals when he will leave demonish cult of cruelty of killing and eating animals or else nature has its own ways to take revenge in the form of zoonotic dieseases. Beleive on our words- if nature will start taking revenge then no human population will be sphered and no God will be able to save Human race on this planet. Take the words seriously before it become too late !