February 23, 2024

CHINA – BJP TIES DECODED/भाजपा चीन का मित्र

Dear Readers, for your reading entire factual data compiled here as available on media reports, clearly decodes BJP ties with China.

1. Out of 59 Chinese apps mostly blocked worldwide due to Data piracy,, UC Browser & Share It – are one of those apps used by BJP for data analytics for 2019 Indian general elections.
2. RSS – The ngo arm linked to BJP is sending it’s members to get trainings in China from Chinese Communist Party on how to continue to run government undemocratically in India as China.
3. Foreign Minister’s son of BJP led government is running an ngo “Quid Pro Quo & its heavily funded by China from 2016.
4. Vivekananda foundation run by BJP members is also getting funds from China.
5. BJP sent it’s 14 member delegates to China to talk about creating a global political alliance with Chinese Communist Party.
6. Lots of Chinese firms have donated in ngo named as PMCARES fund & as its non governmental its information can’t be accessed by general public under RTI Act.
7. Dong Feng – The banned Chinese company by US, is given contract rights to install smart electric meters in Jammu & Kashmir India.
8. In Dholera District Gujarat Rs. 45000 crore project allocated to Chinese firm.
9. Modi govt. never raised China-LAC infiltration issue in United Nations.
10. Global Times Chinese media written in its newspaper before Gujarat state elections that if Modi losses Gujarat then it will mean China lost Gujarat.
11. In 2014 also Global Times wrote that Modi & CCP – Communist Party of China has same style of working & China will work smoothly with Modi.
12. India China has become world’s biggest trade partners even after China infiltration in Indian soil, amounts Rs. 9 lakh cr., thanks to silent sweetness between BJP & CCP.
13. Gigantic Statues of Patel & Ramanuj contractually made by Chinese firms are indirect big symbols of BJP China ties.
At last we can say, it’s not good for the democracies around the world & nor its good for India, when fascist ideologies unites to overpower democracy.
Yash Singh
Economist & Geo-Political Analyst
Reachable – Twitter.com/YashSinghINC

(नोट – हिन्दी मे भासा चयन बटन दबा कर पढ़ सकते है)