February 23, 2024

Indian financial scams, Public Dissatisfaction & Gloomy future of Modi Govt.

With the advent of the #ModiGovt in 2014 rise in the financial scams, Non Performing Assets NPA’S of Public sector banks, falling GDP, financial turmoil, Economic crisis, all were visible on rational statistics & data’s even before Covid Lockdown in #India. Financial plunders by private entities viz. DHFL, ILFS, PMCBANK, HDIL, YESBANK have given big blow to entire financial systems in #India. The rise in NPA’S in Public sector banks are also the outcome of loans & advances non repayment by private business houses. Moreover million dollar frauds by fraudsters tycoons in India viz. Vijay Malaya, Nirav Modi, Mehul Chokshi, Rotomac etc. have added more losses to the public money. In simple words, on one side this fraudsters, business houses, politically savvy businessman’s are creating losses or say looting public money,, but on the other side the this looted public is crying for their hard earned money & seems dissatisfied by the present financial situation handled by the central government & its machineries.
People has question that How centre govt easily accepted public losses but not easily accepting the cries of the millions of Public whose money is looted. If ModiGovt really worked to bring justice to the public then till today Indian public would have not shouted cried to get their money in cases like PMCBANK, DHFL etc. The last bailout was of YESBANK that too was funded by Public money whereas if govt. have really worked properly entire hijacked funds by defaulting promoters would have been recovered. So in entire financial turmoil ModiGovt gets 0 zero in working out to safeguard public money. This grown turmoil of public sentiment if not restored by #ModiGovt then future of this government seems gloomy in near future.