July 16, 2024

India: Bad Time-Modi Time?

India’s growth drastically fall under Modi regime, even after using New GDP calculation policy introduced by 2014 Modi govt., that inflates GDP compared to Old GDP calculation policy existed throughout 75 yrs after Indian independence till UPA govt. under renowned global economist Dr. Manmohan Singh. Now for this low growth GDP even after using inflated system of GDP calculations, Modi govt. blames past UPA govts., & recent Covid, Russia Ukrain war, anyways,,

Following points are realistic & eye opening :

# NHAI borrowings jump over 2-fold to Rs 3.38 lakh cr whereas new roads developments has been miniscule.

# Tough big percentage of population has paid for 1 or both covid vaccines in contrast its politically marketed as if each & every individual is vaccinated for free in India as US & Europe did & let’s assume had it been done cent percent free to entire population of India, it would have not costed few million dollars compared to 158 billion dollars of wealth made by Adani within in last 10 years of Modi govt.

# Today BJP govt. boasts of gigantic statues & stadiums but reality is that Chinese made statue of late Congress leader Sardar Patel which was estimated to be made within 300 cr. but then made in 3000 cr., won’t bring any developmental change to the life of tax payers,, nor the million dollar Modi stadium made in the state of Gujarat attract overseas global investments, had it been the case then China would have made hundreds of this statues & stadiums in China. Actually this are only unproductive political symbols to glorify modi regime, whether it’s new 8000 cr. aeroplane for Modi or new central Vista Parliament house of approx lakh crores to name a few.

# Again let’s talk about international relations then don’t forget that China has acquired hundreds of kilometers of Indian land, India’s stand in Asian Continent has weaken, countries as Bangladesh, Nepal, Sril lanka, Bhutan, Afghanistan that breathed under hands of Indian geopolitics have distanced & living their own time. Nor US, nor European countries have shown any interest in shifting of their industries from China to India post Covid pandemic under anti China sentiments.

# Growing income disparity, unemployment, population poverty index, inflation, social & religion tensions, taxes, unrealistic policies & price rises are enough to shatter the peace of mind of Indians. That’s the real state of India today not visible on BJP’S false propaganda.

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