February 23, 2024

Hey World, Beware of Uncle Sam!

Believe in this words as history proves it. When we say Uncle Sam (then we definitely do not refer to the people of America but) we refer to the joint syndicate of crony capitalists/corporations + political parties/politicians of United States of America & their agenda of benefitting, come what may! This joint syndicate as popularly known as Uncle Sam- is the main conspirator behind any conspiracy to destabilize any part of the world. For them it hardly matters if people suffers inside or outside America, or if nations get destroyed, or if global peace gets hampered,or if thousands of people dies in war because of their conspiracy which they do for their personal gains.

You don’t have to go very far away in the history & just take the current example of Russia Ukraine war. Only few years back Ukraine was a peaceful nation, may be it had the political leadership obeying Russia & Putin, but it was going well. But then in the meantime Uncle Sam created the conspiracy & destabilized that smooth running government in Ukraine, by creating propoganda within common Ukrainians, by spreading dissatisfaction against the political leadership. Resultantly, that government got dissolved due to Public agitation & new government framed under the leadership of pro Uncle Sam leader – Zelensky. The main objective of Uncle Sam was to destabilize Putin – the age old enemy of Uncle Sam & that was only possible when someone as Zelensky the true puppet of Uncle Sam sits on Ukraine near the nose of Putin & Russia. After winning in the first part of the conspiracy.

Then the 2nd part of the conspiracy was to wage war against Russia & thus Uncle Sam cooked story of Ukrain”s membership into NATO, which was well known to the world that European NATO partners won’t allow it as Ukraine was border country to Russia & nor Ukraine would have bought anything, financially or technologically on the table to benefit NATO. But anyways don’t you think Uncle Sam knew all this?, see main aim of Uncle Sam was just to cook a conspiracy, not the Ukraine NATO membership. And again Uncle Sam won, this Ukraine NATO membership story aroused fear sentiments into Putin Russia & thus it ignited the war. Thus 2nd objective was achieved by Uncle Sam.

Then step 3 begins, plz. understand, that by igniting this Ukraine Russia war, not only Putin is made disturbed, Russian economy is also got sanctioned, plus in the name of strengthening democracy entire Europe is pressurised to support this war. This started double benefit of Uncle Sam, firstly, US weapon manufacturers became busy in supplying arms to US, EU, Britain which is being supplied to Ukraine to continue war with Russia & in this process part of Uncle Sam (political parties/politicians) also started making handsome commissions from weapon industry. Thus double benefit!

But in all this stories the main loosers are tax payers, the common citizens of Ukraine, EU, US, whose tax money is not used for their welfare but it’s used to finance war. Not only the citizens of Eu, US, Ukraine are suffering but Infact globally all the people are also suffering as they are paying the rising energy prices because of hike in global oil & gas prices due to short supply from Russia. In fact in this context too, part of Uncle Sam (Gas supply corporations) is making good money by selling gas at high prices to European countries.

In nutshell, globally common citizens are suffering & only one who is winning out of the Ukraine Russia war is the joint syndicate of crony capitalists & politicians of US popularly known as Uncle Sam. Hence it’s duty of every citizens of the world to oppose this ongoing Russia Ukraine war, as its negatively affecting the global citizens & the only party benefitting is Uncle Sam.

Yash Singh

Geo-Political Editor

Voice of the People International

Tweets @YashSinghINC