February 23, 2024

Accept All Cookies Or Go To Hell

Now a days whenever you open any website, a window pops up on your screen and asks you to either accept all the cookies or read the cookies you wanna accept. Now the point is, do you visit that website to accept its cookies or you surf that website to read its micro cookies, sub types and policies.? The answer is No. You visit that site for some of your requirements , but if you blindly accept all cookies then believe us you have given all your unknown concent which you even don’t know and can be a big threat to your privacy and financial security. But may be , if you don’t accept all it’s cookies then be you be ready to read it’s hundreds of cookies and policies.

Point is that,  most of the time it’s our observations that users blindly accepts all cookies and lives on the mercy of trust and privacy policy of that website. But believe us that website will definitely use all the data collected out of your cookie accepted concent, for good or bad, God knows.

Worst part is the role of the government’s and State. None seems responsible to work out on this vital issue of cookies, which day to day resulting in online cyber frauds. None of the global governments seems to understand this issue or they seems more busy in playing petty politics and forgetting their duties and responsibilities towards citizens.
Its high time for governments globally to frame a standard framework on Cookies Policies by giving power to the netizens to reject all cookies if they feel because netizens  are the owners of their choices and data and it’s in citizens sweet will that whether they want to give concent to share any part of their data or reject their concent to share their data. Therefore It’s responsibility of the State to inform Websites & corporates that websites have to give their services to the netizens even if they reject all cookies and in no way websites and corporates can sip in the privacy and details of netizens out of their spider nest of cookies to steal the most pricy thing today known as DATA.

Article by,
Yash Singh
Geo-Politics-strategist, Policy Think Tank
He is reachable at Twitter & fb.com/YashSinghINC