February 23, 2024


Right from the Gun-Fire era 200 years back UK, France have been invading both – politically & financially weak areas of the globe. In politically weak context one can find areas in and around Indian Sub-continent where geographically it was divided among different Kingdoms, though financially self sufficient. Again under financially weak Zones of the globe were in African Continent that was politically weak too. Hence, one can find both UK & France dominated both this types of Zones of the world. Now talking about US – this is nothing but the union of both the powers namely UK & France that occupied land of North Americas in the history, a well known fact. So here (US) too one will find the same political temperament to rule & benefit from weak zones/countries/lands.

Now today in present context too (100 years back till date) this 3 powers because of same geo-political temperament is leaving no stone unturned to rule others, but with modern approach. Today as world is governed by global institutions – governmental, political, financial, social, etc one can find all this 3 power centres having upper hands on this types of institutions. You name it & you get it. The main crux of the story is that from past 300 years this 3 Superpowers are not only trying to rule but also keep on adversely effecting local people, society & global peace. Be it in the era of 300 years back Gunfire invasion – The easy cakewalk era to invade Indian subcontinent & Africas or the mid era of ww1 & ww2 to fight out growing powers of the time or today benefitting from Middle East & African natural resources by hook or crook & suppressing growing opponents Russia, China etc.

Stories One hear of Leadership Assassinations, Public turmoils of Saddam Hussain, Gaddafi, or whatever a person can think of.. are nothing but the plots cooked & formulated in the geo-political kitchens of UK-Us-France. This kitchens supports & creates a national leader, make him powerful, use him & the day he do not obeys this masters to benefit them who created him then this masters UK-Us-France cooks & executes a plot to erase & delet that leader. Having said that we cannot give marks to China, Russia, North Korea & allies ~the geopolit opponents of UK-US-Fr, as they do not stand clear on Human Rights & Democracy. But on the other hand world cannot forget the geopolit autocracy of UK-US-Fr. on the false grounds of Democratic image created by capitalist backed media as here public tax money is used by state to wage geopolitics to benefit their crony capitalist corporations.

In nutshell, no where in the globe common citizens being real owners of a nation have real powers of owners. Today the servants whom people being real owners of nation appoints to run a nation are living as real owners & real owners or people are living as servants. That’s hard truth & double faced UK-US-FR are well revealed.

  • Anca