December 8, 2023

#US challanges #China in IndoPacific

Washington plans to open embassies, increase funding, expand aid presence to bolster its status as regional power broker !

With its key shipping lanes, fisheries and strategic position, #Pacific has emerged as a hot spot in power rivalry between #US & #China

China has also signed pact with #SolomonIsland and it says it has nothing to do with any rivalry with USA. though it  alarmed Washington and its allies because it could lead to Chinese warships docking in the country. In fact  Washington said in retuen that it would also return the Peace Corps program to the Pacific and expand its aid presence in the region. The U.S. also intends to produce the first-ever strategy on the Pacific Islands specifically, aimed at giving priority to the region in foreign policy. Secretary of State Antony Blinken also announced plans to open an embassy in Solomon Islands. As Biden administration wants to begin talks with Kiribati and Tonga about establishing U.S. embassies in those countries- the White House said.,we will have to see where this US CHINA Pacific rivalry moves to.