February 23, 2024

Covid, Corporations & Political Corruptions

Till today its not found who were the corrupt people behind Covid pandemic!

If Coronavirus is natural virus that transferred from wildlife animals to human, then who are the people who supports illegal wildlife animals trade? and,

If Covid-19 virus is lab made artificial virus then who were the people who supported its illegal formation & development ? Till date nothing is known,, but it can’t be denied that Coronavirus is the outcome of corruption.

Next point is, right after the spread of covid pandemic, the real face of the governments of each & every nation was unmasked. Today we have global population of 8 Bn. but governments worldwide didn’t had health infrastructure & support system for 5% of the global population. To hell with the billion dollars spending on lifestyle & jets provided to ministers & presidents & prime minister’s from tax payers money, to hell with billion dollars on Space & Rockets, Technologies on Moon & Mars, when this governments cannot provide health care support systems to atleast 5% population. Openly we can say that it’s not the case that globally governments don’t have money to support minimum 5% population on emergency health care but Infact they are careless about public health & its hard-core fact.

Now again it’s the shameless attitude of governments globally emerged when political organizations as WHO, & other political parties & as well politicians turned their mouth shut on investigating China on Covid. We don’t know what made them dumb, it’s undertable money or something else from CCP Chinese Communist Party, we didn’t know.

During pandemic too, political stories were cooking up in media regarding vaccination contracts, trials etc etc, we all know.

Present times also governments in different nations are seen profiting IT enabled conglomerates by unnecessarily throwing Lockdown. Therefore Covid-19 has direct relationships with Corporates & Political Corruptions & the the common citizens are vulnerable.