February 23, 2024

CHAT GPT Is A Stock Market Hack ?

Yes, it seems that Chat GPT developed by Open AI is nothing but a stock market hack!

Now after reading this statement you must have raised your eye brows with questions in your mind, that why we are saying so?

You must be thinking that Open AI – the developers of Chat GPT Artificial Intelligence platform, funded by Microsoft has done a great job in AI, then why we have negative views on Chat GPT?

So to answer your question, firstly we would like to say, that we don’t have any personal grudge against Open AI or Microsoft. But the point we just want to elaborate is that, AI or Artificial Intelligence is a big unexplored ocean, of which platforms as Chat GPT is only the sea shores of the vast ocean of AI, where you can only find waves, coming out from that ocean that you can see in the forms of results or the outcomes happening inside that vast ocean of AI.

Secondly, we would also like to add, that platforms such as Chat GPT are just the initial AI learning human activity,  out of the exploration of infinite ocean of AI. We don’t want to underestimate the human efforts nor we want to demotivate any corporation, but today what we have able to create in AI is nothing but a small kayak, that can’t even has power to enter the infinite ocean of AI.  This kayak or small boat of Chat GPT can’t even ride on sea shore waves of the vast AI ocean. In fact it will require a proper ship to enter and explore this vast ocean of AI, and we are in at the beginning of it.

Let’s put it in this rational way, as today you don’t even has power to explore real time data from Chat GPT, what you are exploring is 2 years old data, and this is nothing but it’s like exploring a dust which was the outcome of the waves that came in the sea shore in the past.

Now with that limited activity, can you say, you have explored anything of that infinite ocean of AI? The answer is no.

Therefore, we are saying, that the global media hike of praising Chat GPT, Open AI and its funding organization Microsoft, may be resulting in excessive hiking in stock prices of this companies, and creating money for spectators, but the real worth of AI to be derived for humanity at large is way at a distant.

With our positive hope, we think that we will be really putting dedicated hardworking efforts, at least to build that ship, that will be powerful enough to explore the deep infinite ocean of AI for the betterment of the civilizations to come, by leaving our petty corporate attitude, of creating Capitalist short term speculative gains, through funded hollow media bubbles.

Sharing some extracts from Ulysses :

” To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield”


Yash Singh

Author is Geo-Politics-strategist & Columnist and writes on Socio-political, finance & technology with experience in the areas of finance, technology and banking with national & internationally acclaimed brands.

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