February 23, 2024

Butchers Of AIR CANADA

Even after the Heart Attack , 80 year old Indian citizen with his daughter was made to fly continuously for 10 hrs. by Air Canada by neglecting his severe critical health condition that resulted into his death.
Most dangerous Air Canada as follows :
1. No in flight medical support was given to the patient. Flight was lacking first aid medicines & equipments.
2. Crew was ill-trained & were unable to provide first aid support, lacked use of first aid equipments.
3. Flight didn’t landed mid way but continued to fly for next 10 hrs. by neglecting Human Life requirements.
4. Air Canada didn’t provided Medical assistance by connecting to a doctor.
5. Under Heart Attack serious life threatening conditions, this patient was by walking escorted to toilets shows completely first aid untrained crew.
6. Attitude of crew was torturing for patient & daughter.
Our Strange observation is that victims family is neglected by Senior Management of Air Canada. Nor they are getting justice & support from any of the Ministers & Government officials of Canada & India nor any action is coming from the Airlines Controlling Agencies ss Star Alliance.
It seems that it’s joint syndicate of Governments & Corporates to Butcher the Human Life.
Peter Darrick
Senior Journalist (Americas)
Voice of the People International
Petition To Sign: https://chng.it/khQmc9Z8YF​
You can watch this YouTube video from victim’s family: