February 23, 2024

Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp- This is how Meta discriminate?

If you want, you can read the entire article published by Wire (below) – A well known publication in India. In short, the Wire discovers that Meta (Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp) provides some privilege category to celebrity id’s & political ruling party connected people in the name of Xcheck. Privileged account under this Xcheck category if reports against any post & asks to take down, then it’s then & there taken down by Meta platforms, even without checking it as per rules & standards, even if that post is true & it’s not eroding any rules & standards of Meta platform. The Wire further reports that politically ruling party connected people like Amit Malviya Head of BJP Social media with Xcheck can get down/block any posts online on Meta just by reporting within minutes. Point is if in this how Meta discriminates & gives undue superior privileged rights to few then how truth in the society will Prevail & how a common man who don’t have much resources other than social media, to report and express in democracy will be demonstrated?

Kulsum Menzes

Volunteer – Social Media Desk, India

Voice of the People International

Read report by the wire

The Wire: Exclusive: If BJP’s Amit Malviya Reports Your Post, Instagram Will Take it Down – No Questions Asked.