Watch~Job Kidnapping by illegal Chinese firms!

Watch how job seekers from India are selected (silently kidnapped in the name of jobs) by Chinese IT companies in Dubai & then this candidates are asked by this Chinese fraud companies to join its Thailand office but when this job seekers arrives Bangkok then they are illegally transporter inside borders of Myanmar by crossing river. There this job seekers are asked to create fake female id’s in social sites like Facebook to chat with Indians to collect their data & life details & when job seekers refuse to work as fake id’s, they are threatened & beaten with electric shocks. As per our information hundreds of Chinese illegal firms operates from this areas of Thai Myanmar border & here thousands of Indians, Pakistanis are kidnapped & kept in the name of IT jobs. This Illegal act by Chinese is not possible without the help of authorities in Myanmar & main target of this Chinese firms is to collect data from India. What China do with this data? Remains to be investigated!


Investigative Journo Desk


courtesy – ndtv India (Hindi)