Iraq Violence

The clash between followers of Muqtada-Al-Sadr & Iraqi forces led to 30 deaths & 800 injured after the powerful leader announced his political resignation.

Al-Sadr’s announcement on Monday led to his supporters converging on sites in Baghdad’s fortified Green Zone, where they stormed the Republican Palace where the government is based. They also confronted supporters of their rivals, the Iran-backed Coordination Framework alliance, leading to fighting between the two groups.


As night fell, gunfire and explosions were heard across the Green Zone, and the fighting has continued into Tuesday.


However, at a press conference on Tuesday afternoon, al-Sadr ordered his supporters to fully withdraw from the Green Zone, and end the violence.

To summarize we can say that it’s not good for the development of Iraq which is already suffering economic & financial backset after the recent ISIS era. Now it’s in the hands of people to peacefully debate & resolve their internal political issues following peaceful democratic rights. 

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